Storage Policy

Photo Storage

When you create a YesVideo account, it includes unlimited online video storage of any videos transferred by YesVideo, so you can store as many of your YesVideo videos as you like for FREE. As long as you remain an Active User, then YesVideo offers free, unlimited storage of your online videos transferred by YesVideo. There is no storage limit for the videos we have transferred for you.

Storage Details

While using YesVideo you can enjoy unlimited and free storage of any videos transferred by YesVideo and any projects you create based on those videos. We do not limit the number of videos transferred by YesVideo that you can store, nor the number of projects you can create and share. You can have as many projects as you need to effectively organize your videos.

If you received a DVD of your videos transferred by YesVideo, then we highly recommend keeping this DVD saved somewhere safe. If something goes wrong with your videos online, or if you delete your YesVideo account, then you will always have the DVD.

Maintaining an Active Account

To provide you with unlimited and free storage for videos transferred by YesVideo and any projects you create, we require accounts to remain active so that dormant or temporary accounts can be deleted.

To keep your account active, as outlined in the YesVideo Terms and Conditions.

Please Note: If you choose not to maintain your account's active status, you will lose videos, any saved projects, including all information, communications, postings, albums, or any other content within your YesVideo account. Should you wish to make a copy of the videos currently stored in your YesVideo account, you can transfer them to a DVD.

Please Note: Your membership on YesVideo is not the same as your Costco Membership. You will need to log in to your YesVideo account to view, share, or create projects from your videos to maintain an active account. Orders placed at a Costco Warehouse do not qualify to maintain an active YesVideo account.